North Bay Trading Company, Inc. is an established exporter that provides exceptional service and top quality products to our international customers.  We offer a one-stop shopping experience, with diverse ranges of products such as frozen foods, mixed groceries, hardware, lumber and building materials, equipment, steel buildings, petroleum, rice, automotive, and animal feeds.

We specialize in floor loaded, mixed variety containers, allowing our customers to consolidate items from different types of product categories from our extensive product list.  We export thousands of brands, including our own private labels.  We have excellent relationships with world class companies such as Kraft, Clorox, Unilever, General Mills, Phillips 66, Nestle, and many more.

Manufacturer direct containers are also available in a variety of products including soft drinks, bottled water, beer, flour, rice, animal feeds, and many more.  These programs permit us to offer our customers bulk pricing for an even better value.

Our goal is to be your most trusted and reliable supplier, offering the best mix of top quality products at competitive prices to make your business successful.

There are many advantages of working with North Bay Trading, such as:

  • Extensive product selection
  • Competitive prices
  • Reliability

  • Premium quality products
  • Expert loading and container utilization
  • Customized programs and items for your business


We welcome you to become a new customer and join the North Bay Trading Company family!  Delivering our service to our customer’s success is our priority.  North Bay Trading Company can be your one-stop shop, offering full-container and consolidated loads with thousands of products for you to choose from.

We offer our customers:

  • Loading expertise to maximize capacity of containers with a variety of products
  • Products custom tailored to make your business successful
  • Competitive ocean freight
  • On-time deliveries – Arrive when expected
  • Standing orders to save time and money
  • Consulting – Business reviews and market analysis

  • Fair Pricing
  • High level of service
  • New items
  • Private labels
  • Export manufacturing pricing
  • Trade financing
  • Most extensive product categories shipped

To get a general idea of the products we carry, please see the examples listed under each industry below.  Note this a generalization; we carry more than 30,000 different items on our dry grocery price list alone.  We can also source almost anything else you have in mind!


Rice | Flour | Shortening | Cereal | Chips
Soft Drinks | Alcohol & Tobacco | Candy
Cake Mix & Frosting | Foam & Paper Goods
Health & Beauty Products | Cleaning Products


Ice Machines & Ice Bags
Kitchen Equipment & Appliances

Mattress & Linens | Bell Carts & Polish
POS & Cash Registers | Air Conditioners


Chicken | Beef | Turkey
Pork | Seafood | Lumpia Wrappers
Bologna | Bacon | Hot Dogs
Cheese | Butter | Ice Cream


Cars | Trucks | SUVS | Motorcycles | Quads
Watercraft | Wheels & Tires | Parts
Exhausts & Air Filters | Oil & Fluids
Batteries | Air Fresheners


Lumber | Plywood | Metal Studs
Steel Buildings | Romex Wire | Roofing

PVC/ABS | Electrical | Nails | Gutters
Paint & Supplies | Lighting | Cement & Rebar


Electronics | Sporting Goods | Caskets
Animal Feeds | Commercial Laundry
Musical Instruments | Pool Tables | Hot Tubs
Apparel – New & Used | O’Neill & Quiksilver


We always welcome new suppliers to work with us.  The focus at North Bay Trading Company is to provide our customers with high-quality brands and we are always on the lookout for new and exciting items to offer.

If you are interested in expanding into new markets, lets talk!  Our expertise in the Asia Pacific countries gives you immediate access to our established distribution network.  At North Bay Trading, we make it easy to expand into new markets.  Let us be your sales force and local market professionals.

You have a business to run, use our expertise in:

We offer many advantages over other exporters such as:

  • Import regulations
  • Export licenses
  • Customs approvals: Testing, analysis, and documenation
  • Import clearances and licenses
  • USDA: Frozen health certificates
  • Phytosanitary certificates
  • DMV clearances
  • Treatment certificates
  • Fumigations
  • Hazardous materials documents
  • Consulate stamps and approvals
  • AES: Goverment reporting
  • Bill of lading and shipping documentation
  • Expiration dates
  • A/R and overseas payments

  • Extensive distribution in Pacific Islands and Pacific Rim countries for your products, allowing you to expand into new markets
  • Relationships with solid and established importers, distributors, and leading retail outlets in each market
  • Trade financing and risk management
  • Container consolidation expertise
  • Volume contract rates with steamship lines
  • A diligent team of professionals working to export your brands



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